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so my dcbb is set in a fishing town in maine, and because i like to be as accurate as possible i’ve been looking up the permits and such that ~mystery character~ needs in order to work as a lobster fisherman

and then this appeared on an FAQ page



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jus chillin


jus chillin

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Here’s a good rundown of earth history. I’ve been finding myself reading into earlier geologic time periods out of sheer fascination.

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experimenting with angels


experimenting with angels

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i laughed, i cried, i puked in my mouth a little

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Just to remind everyone that Jensen Ackles can freakin SING!! 

This needs to be on my dash on a regular basis. Let’s enjoy again ^.^

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"I’ll tie them to heaven to keep them from falling."

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sally tagged me in the six selfies meme! any complaints about my face should therefore be directed to her blog.

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the little engine. (deancas, post s9, angst, part 1 of ???) (ao3)

There are postcards, sometimes. Little paper rectangles printed in color and stamped with different postmarks, state by state by state. Wisconsin and Michigan, Tennessee. Florida. Nothing for two months and then Nevada, then Texas, a postcard with a cartoon of a pig riding a bull, wearing a ten-gallon hat.

"It’s humorous," Castiel says. "I think that’s good." Sam looks at him sideways and Castiel feels embarrassed, his ridiculous thoughts exposed. He probably shouldn’t have said anything, but now he feels compelled to explain. "That he’s- if he’s laughing at things, that’s good," he says, awkwardly. He hands the card to Sam, watches Sam turn it over, crack the thinnest smile at the ugly drawing, and hand it back. "Isn’t it?"

"Texas," Sam shrugs. "Sure."

"At least he’s getting closer." Castiel pins the card to the library wall, next to the map, puts a thumbtack where the postmark originated. He stands back to look at the pins becoming a pattern, a path. "He’s looping around. Do you-"

"I don’t know," Sam says. "Maybe."

"I think," Castiel says, slowly, pretending it is an idea and not a wish. "I think he’s coming home."

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ok on one hand yes to romantic charlie/deanna because yes always to more femslash but also

queerplatonic nonsexual charlie/deanna getting a bit tipsy when they’re marathoning the star wars prequel trilogy and maybe they get bored halfway through episode II and maybe they start making out and groping each other on the couch and then maybe they start laughing hysterically because it’s just not there nope. it’s so awkward.

deanna unglues her lips wetly from charlie’s cheek and exclaims somewhat despairingly “let’s not do this again. actually let’s never speak of this again.” and charlie looks kind of bewildered because she thought for sure her and deanna could be that, too, but nope. nothing. neither can believe that they thought that was a good idea. abort mission. they have even less sexual chemistry than anakin skywalker and senator amidala rolling around and laughing uproariously and somewhat scriptedly in the grass on the tv screen.

and now deanna can’t stop giggling because she just put her tongue in charlie’s mouth.

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