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Currently waiting to board my flight back to Australia and being generally miserable

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Today is stupid and I don’t like it

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Hey look, a bandwagon!




Hey look, a bandwagon!


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Sitting around drinking with my girlfriend while we both cry about all the GODDAMN FORESHADOWING IN CARVER ERA HOLY FUCKING SHIT

This is the life.

In related news, I’d forgotten that pre-series Garth was a dentist who canonically killed the fucking tooth fairy.

Rewatching was a great idea I love everything.

The heart was key. That was the focus of the sacrifice.
Eleanor in 8.03, aka spn telling us in fucking plain speech WHAT THE POINT OF SACRIFICE WAS. GEE I WONDER IF MAYBE THE HEART IMAGERY WAS MEANINGFUL AT ALL? HAAAAAHAHA oh my god I’m just
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the best of Buffy Summers in season four

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Functional Chocolate LEGOs by Akihiro Mizuuchi

Get in me

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I purchased yummy sushi pajamas in San Francisco. Sleep now.

I purchased yummy sushi pajamas in San Francisco. Sleep now.

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Damn it, you guys got me marathoning Buffy… (miss you already!)

We’re not even remotely sorry :P (miss you, too. Stupid oversized country/planet/etc)


Misha meets a puppy


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